TSFE is for speakers of English as a second language (ESL).

The aim of TSFE is to promote speaking, which makes general communication in English more effective, more quickly.

Only through regular, controlled speaking, is communication made easier and TSFE helps people by becoming more confident and fluent

Unlike other EFL or ESL groups, TSFE does not focus on teachers, but rather on ESL speakers and learners.

We at TSFE have a duty to help learners and speakers of English as a second language (ESL)

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My Skills

Vast experience in all main Cambridge Diplomas - KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC 1, BEC 2, BEC 3, IELTS.

English conversation and communication, email correspondence, office and secretarial English, English for special purposes, BA Sociology and Politics, BA Geography, Higher Certificate in Education, Higher Diploma in Applied Linguistics, German, Expert in pronunciation solutions for Spanish speakers.



John is an enthusiastic teacher who, not only teaches as one of the best teachers I've ever had, but he also encourages you to continue working and improve your English, using the skills, and technology, making this task easier. I would also say that he is a very good person who is always willing to help people without an economic interest, just with an altruist sense. Thanks John for helping me!!

Mar Estévez Lozano

John has been exceptional in his support with my english. He has made himself available, at short notice, and has been methodical in his approach. I rely upon him as my primary english teacher option. He's personable and delightful to work with, in conversation and via email. I truly recommend!

John ha sido excepcional en su apoyo para el aprendizaje de mi Inglés. Él se ha puesto a disposición, en un corto plazo, y ha sido metódico y ordenado en su acercamiento a enseñarme Inglés. Confío en él como mi opción principal como profesor de Inglés. Es agradable y encantador trabajar con él tanto en una conversación como por correo electrónico. Realmente lo recomiendo!

Andrea Alguera

I have never met a person and a teacher so professional and available as john. He helped me to become more comfortable with my english and understand my mistakes and do better every days. He always try to find time for his students, and he is able to understand the areas where you need to improve and he helps you to learn in the easiest way. Of course I recommend him to every one,first level students and advanced ones.

Mariachiara Veltri

Profesora de español especializada en altos cargos directivos y ejecutivos.
John proposes a new dynamic methodology to learn English in perfect harmony with a real contact with the language. John is truly exceptional.

I recommend it!

Soraya López El Chichini

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